OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFresco® Plaster Finish is a two-coat plaster system that consists of a base coat for foundation and strength and a finish coat for variegation and texture. The hardness and strength of Fresco® Plaster Finish are derived from the composition of cement and acrylics. Both the base coat and the finish coat are integrally colored in order to make any nicks or gouges that do occur, virtually impossible to detect. Utilizing the flexibility of acrylics, Fresco® Plaster Finish embellishes a substantial resistance to cracking. Fresco® Plaster Finish, having the advantages of strength and flexibility, can limitationally absorb the shock of file carts, briefcases, and vacuums, thus greatly reducing the client’s liability of maintenance. This leads to the issue of color retention. Fresco® Plaster Finish was found to resist the color fading that the traditional plaster experienced. This is primarily due to the use of acrylics in our formulation. This is especially true in the use of dark and rich tones of color.