1. This Section includes the following:
1. Fresco® plaster system.
2. Related Sections include the following:
1. Division 4 Section “Unit Masonry Assemblies” for masonry substrates for fresco® plaster assemblies.
2. Division 6 Section “Rough/Miscellaneous Carpentry” for wood framing for fresco® plaster assemblies.
3. Division 9 Section “Gypsum Board Assemblies” for gypsum board substrates, framing and other components of fresco plaster assemblies.
4. Division 9 Section “Painting” for primers for fresco® plaster.


1. Product Data: For each type of product indicated.
2. Samples: Three, 12-inch by 12-inch finished samples of fresco plaster on rigid backing.


1. Installer Qualifications: Use only a trained installer employed by the manufacturer, who has completed fresco® installations similar to those indicated for this Project and whose work has resulted in successful in-service performance for a minimum of 3 years.
2. Fire-Test-Response Characteristics: Provide fresco plaster systems with the following surface-burning characteristics as determined by testing identical products per ASTM E 84 by UL or another testing and inspecting agency.
1. lame Spread: 25 or less.
2. Smoke Developed: 450 or less.

3. Mockups (if applicable): Before plastering, install mockups at project site of at least 100 sq. ft. in surface area to demonstrate aesthetic effects and set quality standards for materials and execution.
1. Obtain Architect’s written approval of mockup before starting fresco® plaster installation.


1. Deliver materials in original packages, containers, or bundles bearing brand name and identification of manufacturer or supplier.
2. Store materials inside at room temperature, as close to installation conditions as possible. Protect against damage from weather, direct sunlight, freezing temperatures, surface contamination, and other causes.


1. Room Temperatures: Maintain not less than 45 deg F or more than 95 deg F for 7 days before application of fresco plaster, continuously during application, and after application until fresco plaster is dry.
2. Lighting: Maintain a minimum 60 foot-candle illumination of work surfaced by either permanent or temporary lighting during duration of fresco® plaster application.
3. Avoid conditions that result in fresco® plaster drying too rapidly.
1. Distribute heat evenly; prevent concentrated or uneven heat on fresco plaster.
2. Maintain relative humidity levels for prevailing ambient temperature that produces normal drying conditions.
3. Ventilate building spaces in a manner that prevents drafts of air from contacting surfaces during fresco plaster application and until it is dry.


1. Warranty: Manufacturer agrees to replace fresco® plaster that does not comply with requirements or that fails within specified warranty period. Warranty does not include deterioration or failure of fresco plaster due to unusual traffic, failure of substrate, vandalism, abuse, or seismic movements for a period of ten years from date of Substantial Completion. Warranty is contingent upon payment in full for work completed under contract.