fre_goldberg_03Fresco® Plaster Finish  is a two coat plaster finish that is designed for interior walls and ceilings. It is a two coat, wet wall application that can be hand troweled over any sound substrate such as drywall, plaster, concrete, certain woods ect. The plaster is cement based for hardness and durability and acrylicly enhanced for color retention and flexibility. These two elements combine to makeup one of the worlds most unique and aesthetically pleasing wall coverings today. Fresco® Plaster Finish is being specified today in all ranges of arenas from hospitality to residential.

Fresco® Plaster Finish is 100% custom


Color, textures and combinations are limitless to one’s imagination in a sense that Fresco® Plaster Finish is 100% fre_goldberg_03custom, creating a one of a kind signature on every installation. The sample process is very user friendly. The client gives a paint chip number or a sample of what needs to be matched, (Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Pratt   Lambert, ect.). Within 10 business days a 1’x 1′ sample is formulated and parceled to you, general contractor, whoever you choose. Over 4,000 colors have been formulated and 1,400 are in our library, so if the need arises for a quick sample, one can be sent to you. Once an approved 1’x 1′ strike has been approved we send out a 2’x 2′ sample for submittal to your client for their approval. If the need arises a 100 square foot mock up can be done on site for final approval before the installation is done. All samples that are sent out are committed to our library for future reference should another similar project or another floor addition occur.